A 5th of BitSummit: An International View of Indie Games from Japan

We went to BitSummit in Kyoto, Japan!

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BitSummit was awesome! Seeing this convention was a big event for me, personally. I had always wanted to go ever since I heard of its existence, and when I found out it was happening soon, I made sure that I made some time in my schedule to make it out to Kyoto from Osaka. I even filmed as much of it as I could, and we made our first video for our new YouTube channel, as seen above.

We were greeted at the entrance by this wonderful banner!

The event cost 2000 yen for a weekend pass, but since we were students we received a 50% discount (scoreee!) and this gave us access to a massive room filled with flashing lights and colorful booths. It reminded me of going to the school science fair as a kid, except more techy and way cooler.

Of course I saved the best for first, which is this giant PS4 controller you could actually use to play Parappa the Rapper, which was the first PlayStation game I ever played as a child.
VA-11 Hall-A, a game about a Dystopian future where you are the bartender listening into the lives of the remarkable people who visit. I picked this one up because I absolutely love the detailed pixel art characters, and it’s also quite engaging.
Indie Mega Booth

I. F. O., a very nostalgic, entertaining jet fighter game.  

Zombie Tokyo, an easy to play and enjoyable mobile game where you dodge zombies and collect coins, with multiple playable characters.

Iconoclasts. We didn’t get to play it, but it looks like a great game with some pixel art I can admire.

I also managed to see some great gameplay of CrossCode.
Brave Earth: Prologue reminds me of old Castlevania titles, which I am a fan of. It took me a minute to realize this was essentially Suda51.

Riverbond looked great as well!

Earth Atlantis was one of Colton’s favorite, as mentioned in our video above.

As a pixel artist, Owlboy was a game I had to see. Looks great!

I had a chance to play Save Me, Mr. Taco! and it was quite a fun platforming romp done in the style of the original Game Boy.  I had my eye on this one sine I saw it on BitSummit’s Website due to the cute promo art! Very clever execution and cute, nostalgic graphics.

One Shot, a very cute puzzle game

Playism booth showing a few games including Read Only Memories
Might Gun Volt Burst


We had a great time sampling the games at BitSummit this year. Unfortunately, there were still many games we wanted to play but always were occupied, and we couldn’t sit still to wait while there were other games to explore.  We even saw some friends exhibiting that we had met from some game developer meetups in Kyoto, so it was quite fun to see the games they had been working so hard on in action with plenty of new eyes getting to try them.  At the end of the day I snagged a T-shirt (they glow in the dark!) and a wooden button pin. We definitely plan on going again if we can manage it, but for now we have our eyes set on Tokyo Game Show in September…

See you guys there!