Hi, It’s Colton and Charity!

This is Us! We went hiking at Helen Hunt Falls in Colorado Springs, CO.

I run this blog, 8-Bit City. (My name is Charity, but you can call me Cherry) It’s mostly about art, gaming, and travel. I have green hair in this photo but most of the time it’s some kind of red, which is my natural color. I chose this photo because it was the first time I ever felt free, hiking up the Colorado mountains. (The green hair was actually a pain to remove, so this may be the one and only time I go green, no pun intended at all). I am also a habitual escapist, always looking for the next place to run away. Wherever I am my husband, Colton, isn’t too far behind.

We are artists, designers, travelers, writers, videographers, animators, gamers, fitness buffs and more. We are into a little bit of everything, and a little bit of nothing. Recently, we donated/sold/gave away most of our belongings in order to travel without burden, as we begin to explore our beliefs in minimalism, self-sustainability and sensible living in an ever-changing environment. Our current destination is Osaka, Japan, where we will be living this April 2017.

We are just players in the quest for happiness around the globe and we wish to share our secrets with you!