My Love Affair Abroad: Japanese Curry

I know the buzz about Ramen, but I’ve been seeing another bee

Sorry everyone.

This rich, triple meats broth ramen at Genkotsu Oyaji Ramen Musashi can’t compete with my saucy new love.

Recently I’ve been thinking about my favorite Japanese foods. I currently live in Japan, so this is more of an everyday exercise versus a full on food war.  I think about what I want to eat, I ask my husband if he wants that as well, we agree on something, then go on our way.
Being the land of Okonomiyaki, Ramen, Takoyaki, Soba, Udon, Sushi… What do we go back to the most..?

Whether you are Joutou Curry, Indy Curry, Go! Go! , or CoCo Ichiban, we love you. Although we love you in that order specifically…

It’s Curry!! Curry is abundant in Japan.  I see new Curry restaurants everywhere on my daily commute.  The most common I see are CoCo’s Curry Ichibanya, Joutou Curry and Indy Curry, but my original favorite from the first time I came to Japan was Go! Go! Curry.

This beautiful place with the beautiful ape

There are a good bit of Go! Go! Curry locations in the Kanto area, but since we are based in Kansai we have just one right in a good ol’ suburban Kyoto ward. Good for a day trip when we are aching for that crazy Gorilla’s dark curry with 55 spices and a generous helping of shredded cabbage. Food addiction at its finest, as it’s more money for us to take the train there than it is for the actual dinner.

But I digress.  WHY is it that we love curry so much? Is it because we can’t get enough of the rich, spicy rue on top of fluffy rice that’s good on just about everything?  We’ve had it with chicken, beef, salmon, shrimp, sausage, pumpkin, eggplant, cheese, carrots, potatoes, green beans, eggs, and with pickled cabbage, ginger, Tabasco and tonkatsu sauce… It’s just that satisfying. It’s one of those agreeable mild-to-spicy flavors that morphs itself based on your mood of the day. A perfect compliment to a busy day out, a rainy day, or a good date, or just about anything, I could seriously eat curry everyday. I think all of my classmates know this because I talk about curry a lot for my limited Japanese vocabulary.  It’s a way of life. A lifestyle. It’s fattening…

So I’ve been cutting back on my curry dates.  That doesn’t mean that I can’t write about it. I will miss curry once I finally do leave Japan, whenever that will be… but Colton makes it quite well at home, using packs of Golden Curry that I could find at home in the states. It’s still the best for at home mixes (in my opinon), so those who can get their hands on a good ol’ Golden Curry medium spicy box, you know what’s up. Keep it up and make the good stuff.

Always Hungry,