Arriving in Osaka!

The day has finally arrived!

We left for our flight to Osaka April 2nd, to arrive on the 3rd. We took Alaska Airlines from Dallas Fort Worth to Seattle, where we transferred onto Eva Airlines to Taipei, Taiwan, and from there caught a plane to our final destination: Osaka, Japan.

The endeavor felt like a dream.  It was tiring, and I slept through most of it… except for the meals, which I am happy to say that Eva Airlines has some pretty decent airline food! Unfortunately most airline food seems to disagree with me physically, so by the time we landed in Osaka I felt a bit like a stand up comedy punchline.

Some chicken, rice and mushroom salad, courtesy Eva Airlines

The process of moving overseas and giving away just about everything we ever accumulated in our lives had been such a difficult and challenging stage in our lives. Please be prepared for the sacrifices you might have to make if you are considering moving to another country. We ended up selling off and giving away a lot of things that meant a great deal to us for this, including most of our retro games and my modest Cloud Strife figurine collection. It was painful, but it had a sugar coating of thrill to it. This process lasted about 6 months and helped us to adopt a minimalist mindset that inspired us to travel more often instead of weighing our lives down with useless pounds of merchandise. Nothing against collections and such, but I realized that you have to choose what is more important when it comes to permanent travel: your things or your mobile body.

I still can’t live without my tech, so we still had some pretty full suitcases!

It was a very long flight.  I fell asleep during at least one snack and at least one Star Wars Spin-off movie.

We arrived in Japan sometime in the evening, around 9pm.  Since we were weighed down by our luggage, we snagged an overpriced taxi to our first destination:  A love hotel about halfway from the airport and our new apartment in the center of Osaka.

the big ofuro is my favorite thing about Japan
Colton on our taxi ride from the hotel to our new apartment

Me, tired and happy to be back in Japan after two years.

My first meal in Japan: Seafood cakes with an egg and vegetables over rice, served with a seaweed salad. Lemon Vitamin Match to drink. It was only a conbini bento, but delicious all the same.

And this was my first breakfast! Jam toast with fresh coffee at a local cafe.

I feel so unbelievably lucky that we have this opportunity to study in Japan.  It was completely worth the struggle and heartache of uprooting and starting over, it even had a healing effect on my energy and self-esteem.  I might even do it again someday, who knows.

Until next time,


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