How We Threw Away Everything We Ever Loved but Never Needed to Travel Abroad

It’s official. We’re going to Japan… but we can’t bring our stuff.

Including our CDs.

But we can’t live without our music!  What about our retro games, and our Pokémon?!!

Spoiler Alert: Only one of these things I originally packed actually made it to Japan with us. Can you guess what it was?

It was my hat. The straw looking thing shoved in the upper right corner of our suitcase. I actually need that for when we go hiking. Nothing else was needed.  Now some of these things we left with friends and family to store away. Not much though, because we respect the space of the people that we know. Thank the Nines that technology exists, because we were able to keep our music and disc based games in one way…

Uploading all those bitches to my computer

We even used the empty CD binders for our video games after we discarded the jewel cases, maximizing our space.  We ended up with three trash bags full of boxes and backed up CDs with virtually nothing lost but plastic. It took me three days of passively changing CDs as I went about my business, but it was a win/win on the minimalist scale… but not everything is so easily stored.

I mailed off my Scott Pilgrim collection to a friend

I threw away all of the boxes for my Cloud Strife figurine collection. These are my favorite three, so I snapped a picture first. The figures themselves I let a friend store for us.

We sold our car that took us all over the US West Coast

I said goodbye to this old tupperware that used to hold all my toys. I wrote my name on it 21 years ago, when I was only five.

Who needs all these dumb side tables? Goodwill.

We snuggled Buster one last time before he went off to live with a close friend. I still miss this pup more than ever.

We even sold off a vast majority of our Genesis and Super Nintendo games. Do you know the only thing I miss?

It’s my dog.

I still beat myself up a little for not trying harder, not listening to the advice against him, not taking that extra step to find a foreigner friendly apartment that was also pet friendly… but I can’t say that we regret our decision. Buster loves my friends, and he is treated well. I saved him the stress of a long plane flight, the required quarantine period, being a suburban dog in an unfamiliar city, with new smells he can’t explore. I can now travel without finding a dog sitter and I don’t have to worry about him fighting every cat he sees, which there are plenty roaming around Osaka.  I sure do miss him though and I can’t wait to visit him again.

So for all of you wanting to come to Japan, or go anywhere for that matter, these are my words of advice: forget about your things. You won’t miss them.  You will, however, miss the love of your friends and your family and your pets. Cherish the time you have. Take plenty of pictures. Don’t be afraid to cry if you need to.  Just know that you can always buy another bookshelf, another car, another Super Nintendo… but not another Buster.

Get ready to find out what really matters in your life. It’s a wonderful, bittersweet, beautiful feeling.

Safe Travels,


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