PAX South, and Working in the Growing Louisiana Indie Scene

Welcome home from PAXSouth 2017, energized fans and tired devs!

Colton and I weren’t able to make it this year.  Oops. With our big move to Osaka it proved to be a bit troublesome, but Necroball, a game we spent the last year working on with King Crow Studios, got all polished up and reappeared, so I figured I would recap on our visit from 2016.

A quick introduction on how I started working on games from an area not well known for game development: in 2002, Louisiana legislature passed a tax incentive for technology media and entertainment in order to help bolster the state’s economy.  Here’s some dated articles from Forbes and Fortune about it, but I can say that during some of my visits to Baton Rouge we had a chance to meet some folks who were working on American Horror Story and developers who had worked on beloved retro games such as Boogerman and A Bard’s Tale.  Louisiana is getting the Hollywood treatment, as movies such as 10 Cloverfield Lane (starring one of my favorite actresses, Mary Elizabeth Winstead) had a setting that was just outside of Lake Charles. As for games, we have an EA in Baton Rouge and a Gameloft in New Orleans, as well as a healthy mix of independent developers, so there is certainly growth. This is really something special around here, you’ll know it to be true if you’ve ever been to Louisiana.

In all cases, you are driving over this lake to get to the next city.
Welcome to the swamp. There’s not much to do.

Colton and I were lucky enough to work outside of an indie development incubator called the Level Up Lab, which is where we had the chance to work with and meet some inspiring figures in the industry. This gave us the wonderful opportunity to attend a PAX, and my first time and we were demoing a game that I had worked on, so this was a pretty excellent double whammy off the bucket list… I think I may have a high luck stat or something. Here’s some photos of our 2016 PAX set up:

 I made some necromancer jokes because I animated the dead
An awesome promotional display of Quest of Souls illustrated by none other than my friend and fellow Lake Charles local, comic artist Johnny Segura III.
I took a few blurry pictures of cosplayers I met.
Since I am quite shy around cosplayers, so that also means miserable photos. It’s like meeting Mickey Mouse as a kid and then screaming as you forget basic skills. This cosplayer goes by Inkling girl!
I like this costume. I don’t even know what character this is. Freedom Planet? Just kidding… 
we talked to almost a thousand cool people all weekend! 

Did anyone see us last year at PAXSouth or our Necroball display this year? Did you take photos? I’d love to see them.

Thanks for reading!


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